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Like Father, Like Son? November 20, 2007

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Circumcision in America is perpetuated by a misguided notion of “tradition”. Expectant dad’s frequently make the case that junior should be circumcised to “match dad”, but is the arguement logical? Here’s a great new gift idea to get him thinking…  

“Like Father, Like Son” Kit   




Advanced technology!  Now, father and son can match without surgery.  Stops painful tradition in it’s tracks while eliminating the risk of paternal inadequacy syndrome and potential neonatal circumcision complications such as hemorrhage, infection, and death.  A must have for the arrival of your 21st century blue bundle!  




(1) pair of novelty glasses, with fake nose and mustache


(1) adult novelty bib, blue bonnet, or pacifier


(1) pair of adult Depends briefs


(1) reusable ice pack (for minimizing penile size difference)


(1) 1 oz. baggy of faux pubic/armpit hair and tube of superglue 


(1) artificial umbilical cord stump (to avoid confusing during those early days)


(1) bottle of Nair hair removal cream -0r- hair dye -or- miniature wig/toupe


(4) grease pencils in black, brown, red, and white for realistic mimicking of freckles, birthmarks, age spots, moles, stretch marks,  scars, ‘storkbites’, and more


(1) bottle of tooth paint -or- container of tooth wax (for realistic toothless look for Dad)


(1) packet of information on foreskin restoration options


For more thoughts on why circumcised men so frequently insist on circumcising their sons, read Vincent Bach’s essay, “The Vulnerability of Men“. 



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