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Court blocks father from circumcising 12-year-old son January 25, 2008

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Court blocks father from circumcising 12-year-old son

Posted by The Oregonian January 25, 2008 08:14AM

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The Oregon Supreme Court on Friday blocked a divorced former Southern Oregon man from circumcising his 12-year-old son against the wishes of the boy’s mother.

The court ruled that the trial judge failed to determine whether the boy wanted to have the procedure. The child’s mother, Lia Boldt, claims that circumcision is dangerous and that her son is afraid to say he doesn’t want the procedure. Go here for the court’s decision.

The court ordered the case back to the trial judge to determine the boy’s wishes.

James Boldt, who converted to Judaism several years ago, wants to circumcise his son. As the custodial parent, he argued that he has wide latitude to make decisions for the boy.

The lower courts sided with the father.

The case attracted national attention. An anti-circumcision group based in Seattle said the practice was dangerous. Jewish groups joined the fray out of the concern that the Oregon court would restrict circumcision.


“Addressing Questions About HIV and Circumcision” (PDF resource) January 5, 2008

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Circumcision is still not medically necessary. 

Circumcision is still not recommended as a routine procedure. 

Circumcision still carries many risks and harms. 

Everyone still needs to practice safe sex. 

The foreskin is still a normal, valuable body part. 

It’s still “his body, his choice.”